All Marram items have been pre washed and pressed ready for use when they arrive.

 Most of our pieces have been pre-shrunk during the dyeing process.

We recommend washing with similar colours on a 30-degree wash, preferably with a natural detergent then line dry.

A quick blast in the tumble dryer on a cool setting is fine and gives all linens a cosy and soft feel.

Iron damp on a warm setting for smoothness, if desired.

Please note that colours can rub when fabric is wet.

Natural dyes are sensitive to extreme or harsh sunlight exposure over prolonged periods of time. So we recommend storing/displaying your item out of direct sunlight.

Please be aware that all naturally dyed items are PH sensitive, if you do get a mark, immediately treat with a PH neutral soap.

 Our naturally dyed colours can gradually fade overtime; this is all part of the wonders of natural dyes. We encourage you to embrace their slight imperfections and let nature take its course!

 Our linen range is designed to be used often and will become even softer with everyday use!