At marram we truly value craftsmanship and the slow practice of our methods. The techniques we use today are rich in tradition and history. With each piece we create, we immortalise nature into every stitch and dye bath we make. Everything has purpose, and is exactly where it’s mean to be.
Dyeing in small batches, we use various techniques from bundle dyeing to immersion dyeing. We love the spontaneousness and delicacy of each individual piece we create.
We only use textiles from naturally derived fibres  & dye with a combination of foraged plants, food waste, pure plant extracts and mineral dyes.
We predominantly use European linen and silk. We also try to up-cycle and use as much vintage French fabric as we can source in our local areas. Beautiful linens and cottons are carefully chosen through endless searching of brocantes and antique fairs. We love the idea that our white fabric has already had a previous life 
before we add colour to it