Meadows Patchwork cushion

Meadows Patchwork cushion

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Meet our Meadows patchwork cushion. 

Inspired by the agricultural landscape that surrounds our grandparents home in the Occitanie region. A patchwork of fields, textures & colours mixed with the rolling hills & lush vegetation as far as the eye can see.

Made from a variety of leftover fabrics we have accumulated over time including some silk offcuts which add a beautiful texture to the cushion. Also included is vintage linens, European linens & unbleached cotton. 

Plant dyed with a combination of flowers, food waste, plants & dye extracts then sewn by ourself in our home studio in Hossegor SW France

Machine pieced and quilted 

Approximately 40 x 40 cm 


Please note that your item may not be identical to that of the one show above due to the irregularities that occur during the dyeing process. Each item we create is one of a kind & carries their own individual  “birth marks” formed & imprinted by the nature.




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